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Photoshop or Gimp? Tips, filter, program.

Adobe Photoshop is an image processing program with many exciting features, unfortunately it is not free. One program that seriously competes with Photoshop is the powerful freeware program Gimp. The best thing about Gimp is that it is free and that it is actually possible to use Photoshop’s own plugins.

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Here I will give some examples of alternative image processing programs, accessories, offer inspiration and some links away. Of course, there are more websites that touch on the subject, maybe you are missing someone special in this article? Then feel free to leave a comment.

Made with Gimp and Inkscape

Made with Gimp

Install Photoshop plugins in Gimp

Installation tutorials of plugins, gradients, scripts and brushes for Gimp can be found at Imageskill Forum och hos All things Gimp.

Install Photoshop plugin in IrfanView

Did you know that you can also install PS plugin in Irfanview?

Photoshop or Gimp?

Some filters and plugins for Windows and Mac

Gimp guides

Photoshop guides

Alternative free image processing software

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