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— web graphic designer


To everyone who so generously share their materials with others, a BIG thank you!

— Sadness

— Blue Planet

All graphics are made by me

— A Star is Born

— My Little Angel

— Letter S

— Dark Lady

— Swan Fairy

— Princess Tuvstarr

— Waiting

— Christmas Balls

— Viking Queen

— The Nexus

All graphics are mine or made by me.

— Prometheus

— Long Lost Train

”Long Lost Train” won The Best Photo Manipulation ArtWork at Image Manipulation & Creation Group 2018-08-22

— Predestination

— Transformation

”Behold, I Make All Things New”

— Dreamworld

— The Portal

— Above the Clouds

— In Time

This Photo Manipulation ”In Time” won third prize 2019-04-20 in the challenge ”The Time” at Image Manipulation & Creation Group.

Third Place goes to Lillan Backa for ‘In Time’ an image of woman perhaps in suspended animation amongst elements of time. There is sadness in this image; but we can imagine that in time animation and life will return to this beautiful woman. There is so much artistry in this image. The use of colors, highlights/shadows, surreal warped elements, and perhaps symbolism all combine to create a very dramatic image. Congratulations and Well Done.

— A Water Journey

— Trapped

— Fearless

— Sandwoman

— Uprising

— Passenger in Life

— Terraform