In Time

This Photo Manipulation ”In Time” won third prize 2019-04-20 in the challenge ”The Time” at Image Manipulation & Creation.

In Time

Third Place goes to Lillan Backa for ‘In Time’ an image of woman perhaps in suspended animation amongst elements of time. There is sadness in this image; but we can imagine that in time animation and life will return to this beautiful woman. There is so much artistry in this image. The use of colors, highlights/shadows, surreal warped elements, and perhaps symbolism all combine to create a very dramatic image. Congratulations and Well Done.


Do not use my digital (graphic) art work under any circumstances without my permission! However some of my works are allowed for downloads and you must credit me. My digital (graphic) art work does not belong to the public domain. My digital (graphic) art work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, splitted up, or uploaded in any form without my permission! I don’t allow any kind of letters, tags, or tubes making of my digital (graphic) art work. For other questions, contact me, and please, respect the copyright law. Thank you!

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